• June 23, 2015
  • Political Science
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  • Format: Hardback
  • ISBN-13: 9781626342088
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The Constitution of the United States of America Modern Edition

Rearranged and Edited for Ease of Reading

Henry Bain

The Constitution has finally been updated and simplified so that everyone can understand it!

For the first time in more than 200 years, a qualified editor has illuminated the Constitution for a modern audience. Here is the result—the document is at last readable! It has been arranged logically, with the amendments integrated into appropriate earlier locations and the obsolete parts relegated to the back. The text has been divided into short, manageable segments, each with an explanatory heading, and definitions have been included next to the many old-fashioned and unusual terms. The antique spellings, punctuation, and grammatical forms have been modernized.

This modern edition of the Constitution is unique—there’s nothing else like it in print. Readers of all types, from those just curious about our country’s foundation to practitioners of constitutional law, can now easily understand what the writers of the Constitution envisioned for America more than two centuries ago.

The Modern Edition of the Constitution has been produced by Henry Bain. A political scientist, he graduated from Swarthmore College and received his Ph.D in Social Science from Harvard University.

He has had a long career in governmental research and consulting, and has taught at several universities. In his most recent academic position  he was director of the postgraduate program in Policy Sciences at the University of Maryland Baltimore County.

Dr. Bain’s early research on voting behavior included the first study to produce statistically significant evidence that voters tend to favor the first candidate on the list (Bain and Hecock, Ballot Position and Voter’s Choice, 1957). His expert testimony in a California courtroom led that state’s supreme court to rule the incumbents-first ballot law unconstitutional.

He participated in the planning of the rapid transit systems of San Francisco (BART) and Washington, D. C. (Metrorail). He was also a member of the team of social scientists who advised on the planning of the new city of Columbia , Maryland.

His experience in local government includes time as a policy analyst for the county council of Montgomery County, Maryland, and as an assistant to the county executive.

Early in his career, Bain was an officer in the Navy Supply Corps, serving at sea and in the office of the Secretary of the Navy, where he was responsible for the secretary’s annual report to Congress.

Dr. Bain is now at work on a scholarly and critical study of the manner in which the original Constitution was written and printed, and of the many forms in which the constitutional text has been printed since 1787. His research has revealed a typographical error in the Seventeenth Amendment, committed in 1912 and apparently never before noticed by constitutional scholars. (Reported in his article in the Fall 2012 issue of  Prologue, the quarterly journal of the National Archives.)