• May 1, 2008
  • Juvenile Fiction
  • $12.95
  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN-13: 9780981589404
  • Trim: 5in × 8in

The Crossing

Taylor Joseph

A 12 year old girl is living in severe poverty in rural Mexico. Her father died 10 years ago. Her mother does everything she can to ensure their survival. Things get worse when Maria and her mother are separated. When they reunite, they are faced with the terrible choice to live in poverty or attempt a dangerous illegal boarder crossing. The characters struggle with doing the right thing or face severe consequences.

Taylor Joseph is a fifteen-year-old girl who lives in Southeastern Michigan. She is a sophomore in high school and loves writing, which is shown through her inspirational novel The Crossing. Besides writing she enjoys martial arts, soccer, and basketball. At age thirteen, she had an idea to write a book about illegal immigration and began writing. After a year of writing and many days of research, she finally completed her novel. She is just an average fifteen-year-old girl with a passion for writing. Her favorite sport to watch is hockey, and she loves to attend games whenever possible. She likes to spend time with her family and friends and loves animals, especially her exceptionally talented dog Tanner.