• February 19, 2015
  • Fiction
  • USD $16.95
  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN-13: 9780990573203
  • Trim: 5.5in × 8.5in

The Job Pirate

An Entertaining Tale of My Job-hopping Journey in America

Brandon Christopher
From the porn magazine to the moving truck to the dark sewers of California, Brandon Christopher’s journey in the American job market is not only absurd, but also full of wit and profound observations. He steps out from behind the driver’s wheel, the cash register, and the office desk to record the lighter and darker sides of humanity in the workplace. Christopher’s tale makes even the most mundane job seem fascinating and the most exciting career appear hum-drum and hollow. The Job Pirate strips off the façade of the average employee to see what is hidden underneath:
“That new employee that you see hanging his vintage blazer onto the backrest of his swivel chair is me. My cubicle is right next to yours. I don’t say much, I dine alone, I drink a lot of coffee, and I know my legal right to two cigarettes in an 8-hour workday. And yes, you were right, I’m not really the Marketing Strategist that I told the boss I was. But I’m sitting here in this cubicle, and the resume that got me this job is in my attaché case right beside me. It clearly states that I have more than enough experience to run this company’s entire advertising department and I’ll be here between three weeks and a year, so you better get used to the idea.”

Often hilarious and sometimes profound, Christopher’s stories take us through the offices, department stores and kiosks of the West Coast. We ride along with him as he chauffeurs the famous, the dead and sometimes just their furniture. Christopher gives us an irreverent inside glimpse into the work life of the people we see everyday.

Even though at times he exhibits moral ambiguity, we find ourselves rooting for him against all the odds because we can see our own struggles in his attempts to acclimate. We can all relate to this story of selling our soul to the company store and then buying it back for pennies on the dollar, just to have that one more day of freedom.
Brandon Christopher is an artist, novelist and journalist. He has published over a dozen short stories and essays in magazines, literary journals, websites and anthologies. He also published his first book, Dirty Little Altar Boy, through Ghost Pants Press. He is also a writer and producer of several documentaries and TV biographies, including: Just for the Record—The Rolling Stones, the highly acclaimed 16-hour documentary The Definitive Elvis, and The 50 Worst Movies Ever Made.