• June 4, 2013
  • Humor
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The Scoop on Breasts

A Plastic Surgeon Busts the Myths

Ted Eisenberg & Joyce K. Eisenberg
At a party or at the gym, it’s invariably the men who ask Dr. Eisenberg what he does for a living. When he replies, “cosmetic breast surgery,” a deluge of questions follows.  Women, however, are typically not as public with their questions. But on the phone with one of his staff members or in the privacy of a consultation, women directly ask what they want to know.

Over the years, Dr. Eisenberg and his staff compiled a list of the most commonly asked (and the most amusing) questions. After thousands of consultations and tens of thousands of questions, the doctor thought, “I could write a book.”

The Scoop on Breasts is an attempt to answer these questions in an educational and entertaining way and to bust some of the myths about cosmetic breast surgery and the women who choose it to enhance their lives.

Ted S. Eisenberg, D.O., FACOS, FAACS, is a Philadephia-trained plastic and reconstructive surgeon and creator of the Ideal Breast Lift™. For the past 13 years at Nazareth Hospital he has focused his practice entirely on cosmetic breast surgery. Dr. Eisenberg holds the Guinness World Record for the most breast augmentations done in a lifetime. He is on the faculty of a Philadelphia medical school and teaches his cosmetic breast surgery approach to doctors around the world.

Joyce Kirschner Eisenberg, a writer and editor, is a longtime contributor to Fodor's travel guides and the author of Let's Visit Grenada. Her writing appears regularly in The Philadelphia Inquirer and in newspapers and websites nationwide.