Expert Branding

Why You Should Be Sizing Up Your Competition

Throughout history, virtually every successful civilization has maintained rules against stealing, and few would argue with the idea that taking what does not belong to you is immoral.

Luckily for you as an author, promoting your work doesn’t require you to steal anything. But that doesn’t mean you can’t borrow some good ideas from those who have traveled the publishing road ahead of you. All you need is the wisdom to seek out new and clever ways to promote your book—ways that other authors have already proven effective—and then put your own unique spin on them.

Podcasting for Experts

As a thought leader who has published a book to share your ideas with the world (or as someone who is considering doing so), you already recognize the enormous value that informing and engaging your audience can have in establishing, reinforcing, and expanding the public’s perception of your expertise. If you already have a book available in the marketplace, you are likely looking for ways to reach new audiences, and deepen your connection with the people who already know you.

Excerpt: Keep Your Personal Brand Personal

Take every opportunity your audience gives you to share value as an opportunity to simultaneously reinforce your brand.

Much has been written on the important role a personal brand plays in shaping a thought leader’s impact, both on his or her business and on their wider audience as a whole. A strong personal brand connects a face to the company, which is critical when it comes to helping people relate to (and remember) the brand itself.

4 Top Tips to Get Your Speaking Business off the Ground

A highly effective way to reach and engage with your audience is through speaking. If you’re passionate and knowledgeable about your subject matter, what better way to share and add value than in person? Once you decide to pursue speaking as a way to grow your platform and share your big ideas, where do you start, and what’s next?